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We’re a cheeky trio talking politics, disability and events. We provide updates and engage in discussion on topics within the neuromuscular and disabled community.

Muscle Owl Radio - Ep105: Charcot Marie Tooth! (OwlTalks#80)

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For a long time we had been looking to produce an episode on the uniquely named neuromuscular condition, Charcot Marie Tooth! Finally, here is that episode!

CMT is characterized by progressive loss of muscle tissue and touch sensation across various parts of the body. Meet our fabulous friend Allissa, who has the condition, as she explains it from her perspective.

Muscle Owl Radio - Ep104: Wellness for People with a Disability (OwlTalks#79)

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Tune in to our of Muscle Owl talks from just a few months ago, when we discussed wellness for people with disabilities - what it means, why it is so important, and how we can achieve it!

This was also our FIRST EVER episode hosted by the amazing Michaela Hollywood, and she is joined by our good friend Hannah Soyer, along with a new brilliant guest, Claire Senita!

Muscle Owl Radio - Ep103: LIVE with Vivek and Jordan from Action Duchenne Conference 2017 (OwlTalks#77)

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Tune in to our Muscle Owl Talks LIVE episode from the Action Duchenne International Conference back in November 2017!

Peter, Vivek, and Jordan Wright discuss Duchenne muscular dystrophy and accessible holidays!