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We’re a cheeky trio talking politics, disability and events. We provide updates and engage in discussion on topics within the neuromuscular and disabled community.

Muscle Owl Radio - Episode 48: Happy Birthday to Vivek …who is also Trailblazer Spotlight of the Month!

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"I didn't think I'd make 26!" Vivek jokes, as we start the podcast. At 26, Vivek is still consistently poking Duchenne in the face.

This episode, we chat about how Vivek is Trailblazer Spotlight of the Month, and we also catch up on some of the recent goings on at Muscle Owl! Last week we were live on Facebook with two wonderful fundraising Chris and Dave - we mention their fabulous event too!


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Muscle Owl Radio - Episode 47: Steve Way, Comedy and Disability!

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Tune in as we're joined again by our friend Steve Way. Steve has congenital muscular dystrophy, and is a comedian from New Jersey.

In this episode, we chat about Steve's comedy career, accessibility in the States, and what makes people laugh!

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Muscle Owl Radio - Episode 46: Sulaiman, Vivek and Peter Monthly Catch Up!

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This week it's an all-male cast as Sulaiman, Vivek and Peter chat about the weekly goings on. Notably, we remember Lord Walton, Vivek speaks about Naidex - the conference for accessible equipment - and we even have a chat about spinal surgery!

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Muscle Owl Radio - Episode 45: Steve Way and Health Care in the US!

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This week we have special guest Steve Way on the show!

Steve is a comedian and substitute teacher from New Jersey! He also has congenital muscular dystrophy. In this episode we chat to Steve about the health care system in the United States, comparing it to care over here in the UK, and figure out what can be done to improve it!
And make sure you tune in to next week's episode with Steve, as we discuss his career in comedy, and accessibility over in the States.
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Muscle Owl Radio - Episode 44: Duchenne, Care Support and University (with Jordan Wright)

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We conclude our chat with Jordan Wright, discussing his current studies at University!

We also talk about the logistics and failings around personal care assistants whilst studying.

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