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We’re a cheeky trio talking politics, disability and events. We provide updates and engage in discussion on topics within the neuromuscular and disabled community.

Muscle Owl Radio - Episode 5

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Carers! Do you need personal care? Is it a struggle getting the right care and support?

In this week's episode, we discuss our own experiences of personal care; from familial care to social and the NHS.

We also mention Michaela's appearance on LBC radio earlier in the week, where she was asked to comment on the case of the mother who suffocated her three children who had SMA muscular dystrophy, and then we finish up with the usual fundraising updates.

We should mention too, that Michaela took part in this podcast from the side of her bed in hospital! She is now on the road to recovery and will hopefully be in the comfort of her own home for next week's recording! The image below is of her exiting the hospital a few days ago. All rights for the photo belong to Michaela, her Twitter feed, and her protective balaclava scarf.


Muscle Owl Radio - Episode 4

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It's a treatment special this week.

In light of the Liberal Democrats veto on the Medical Innovation Bill, we discuss all the avenues of science and medicine which hold hope and promise for fixing up muscles.

Sharing both childhood and adult stories of treatment options we've had, we reflect on how different the journey is for a parent, child or sibling. So expect lots of stories, and even some joking at ourselves!

Sulaiman brings along a choice of three hashtags of the week, and as ever we round up with some excellent fundraising news!

Muscle Owl Radio - Episode 3

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Just when we thought we might cut it down a little... It's another hour long extravaganza!

Two hot topics:

  • Oscars and Disabled Actors: with Eddie Redmayne taking home Best Actor at this year's Academy Awards, we question why it's acceptable for an able bodied actor to play the role of a man in a wheelchair. Is it Hollywood? A shortage of disabled actors? If so, why?
  • #RightToBreath & Cough Assist: Ventilators, cough assists, and something called the bird... What's the difference? Why are these things so important? Michaela tells us all.

As ever, we round up with a fundraising chat and shout-outs from in and around the community. If you'd like your cause or event mentioned, e-mail us at or tweet us @muscleowl!